Sunday, 6 January 2013

General Biology lectures

This course of biology is one of the best course you ever find on net, it is so useful for those students who wanna learn biology and wanna understand  biological sciences. It is a good course of video lectures for those who want to learn biology for undergraduate classes. It is also useful for teacher's to review their biological skills, University of California, Berkeley is one of the best unversities in world, and the best thing I like about them is that they do give many free courses for world student's in the form of video.This course is one of their courses and it's so good for learner's to learn biology, and it's new but easily understandable. I will be posting this course lectures link's with title's .

Here! you go.

1.  Biology 1A - Lecture 1

2.  Biology 1A - Lecture 2

3.  Biology 1A - Lecture 3

4.  Biology 1A - Lecture 4

6.  Biology 1A - Lecture 6: Metabolism: energetics

7.  Biology 1A - Lecture 7: Metabolism: Enzymes

9.   Biology 1A - Lecture 9: Cellular Respiration: TCA, oxidative

10.   Biology 1A - Lecture 10: Photosynthesis, light

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