This is a blog, in this blog I will post many ,books,video lectures,and many other education related things, which will make you learn many things, I will be posting many books,videos, and other related works which will help, those who want to information about that things and want to increase their knowledge, because I think that education in this age of computers must be free for those who, can,t afford to pay for books, and other materials and only because of that many people can,t get enough education, I will only post links to those material or maybe sometime I will make reading worth article for education, I am not responsible for any lost or anything which harms someone or hurt someone feelings. My intention is to provide material for free to those who can,t pay for them, or are not sure where to get them. I will be working hard to do my best for true learners, and-if-so if my work will help someone to gain education, then it will be a big pleasure for me, Thanks for visiting this blog have fun while reading great books and learning from great video lectures' from top professors and other educators, most of them are free to use some have restrictions , but if you want to learn then you have no restrictions , because learning is free and knowledge can,t be brought by money. Happy reading

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