Monday, 14 January 2013


Biology is study of life or living things(living orginisms). In biology we don,t only study living thing but we also study their strcture,function,growth and evolution.
Biology has many sub-discipilines, such as microbiolgy(study of microorginisms),
molecular biology (study of orginisms at molecular level), cell biology ( study  of cells) and many others. The word biology is derived from two greek words, bios= life, logia=study of.

General biology lectures

Today' I have arranged some great biology lectures, these lectures are from mit education website, and these are so useful for students and learners. I would like to say that these are some of best things we can see for free and we love to use them. Now I will be going to post there links and, you just have to click those links to view these videos.

Sunday, 6 January 2013


Cell is the basic structural and functional unit of life or all livig things.

1. Cell is the smallest unit of life that is classified as a living thing.
2. Cell is often called as building block of life.
3. Some orginisms which have single cell are called unicellular orginisms (bacteria,viruses) and other who have more then single cell are called multicellular orginisms. e.g  Animals,plants, etc.
4. Humans contain about 10 to 100 trillion cells.
5. The cell was discovered by robert hook.
6. Robert jook discovered cell in 1665.
7. The word cell comes from latin word cella, which means ''small room''.
8. There are two types of cells ''eukaryotic & prokaryotic'' cells.
9. Bacteria,archaea are prokaryotes. (no nucleus).
10. Animals,plants,protists, and fungi are eukaryotes. (true nucleus).


A noun is the name of person, place,thing or an idea.

For example:

Person = Ryu,Leo Messi,John Cena,man,woman,girl etc.

Place = New York,China,Japan,ground,roof, etc.

Thing = Jug,mug,ball,cup,glass,candy, etc.

General Biology lectures

This course of biology is one of the best course you ever find on net, it is so useful for those students who wanna learn biology and wanna understand  biological sciences. It is a good course of video lectures for those who want to learn biology for undergraduate classes. It is also useful for teacher's to review their biological skills, University of California, Berkeley is one of the best unversities in world, and the best thing I like about them is that they do give many free courses for world student's in the form of video.This course is one of their courses and it's so good for learner's to learn biology, and it's new but easily understandable. I will be posting this course lectures link's with title's .

Here! you go.

1.  Biology 1A - Lecture 1

2.  Biology 1A - Lecture 2

3.  Biology 1A - Lecture 3

4.  Biology 1A - Lecture 4

6.  Biology 1A - Lecture 6: Metabolism: energetics

7.  Biology 1A - Lecture 7: Metabolism: Enzymes

9.   Biology 1A - Lecture 9: Cellular Respiration: TCA, oxidative

10.   Biology 1A - Lecture 10: Photosynthesis, light